"Package Line-In Dual", abbreviated as DIP, is the first member of the LED family. LED public with shape They know the appearance of this type of LED. The main chip is covered with a hard plastic membrane, which is responsible for protecting the chip as well as spreading uniform light, and the voltage is applied to the chip through two parallel vertical pins. Although newer generations of the LED family have come to the market, LED DIP still has its own applications, especially in the electronics industry, and has not lost its place in the consumer market.

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SMD, which stands for Surface Mount Diode, is the newer member of the LED family. The importance of this type of LED is in this sense is that SMD can be produced in very small sizes and due to the flatness of its terminals, it has the ability to be installed on electronic boards. Due to the flatness of this type of LED and the shape of its bases, very good heat transfer is possible, which leads to The lifespan of this product will increase. In addition, in some types of SMD LEDs, it is possible to change the color of the light.

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Board on Chip (COB) is the most advanced member of the LED family. This type of LED, which is usually produced in high powers, is usually in A COB LED has several LEDs. Due to its flat physical shape, this type of LED has the ability to transfer heat and thus has a long life. LED COBs are commonly used in various devices, for example in cameras or smart phones. This type of LED has very high light efficiency and very low consumption. At Pars Saman Iranian Group, we have the ability to produce COB in different powers from W0.5 to W100 and in different shapes.


SMT Line

SMT, which is an abbreviation for Surface Mount Technology, is a technology for installing and assembling flat electronic components on the surface of the printed circuit board. Today, almost all electronic hardware is produced using this technology. Having this technology and this production line, we have the ability to produce any type of electronic board.

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THT Product line

It is a term for the technology known as THT Technology Hole-Through, which is used to assemble electronic components that have a base. By having this technology, the base of electronic components can be placed inside the cavity Placed and soldered the PCB. In the THT production line of the swan series, we have the ability to produce television billboards and LED displays using LED DIP.

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