About the swan Human Resources Department

About the Swan Human Resources Unit

Human Resource Unit of Pars Saman Iranian acts so professional , by selecting experts specialist and after training and investing on the domestic staff of the company, as well as the maintenance of existing resources and selection the of each force according to the skills and available abilities for each job, as well as with Define job description for each post He has been able to deal with issues of rewards and salary and benefits, and appreciation and appreciation of every highly professional work force. It is also a collection of healthcare facilities and amenities The rest space, the chapel, the kitchen by selecting &training & investing om the staffs of the company swan tries to makes its staffs satisfied by creating health work environment, healthcare and welfare facilities like rest place ,temple the kitchen the sports equipment, the entertainment and scientific CDs (library) (scientific CDs) are trying to satisfy the internal staff of the company, as well as taking also this company has focused on to respect the traditional a cultural values of our country cultural activities and holding national and religious festivals and occasions.